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One look at me as I walked through the door and my husband knew what was coming.

With a dog in my arms, my husband sighed and softly asked “Who is this?”.

I assure him that it’s just until we find a foster for him. Right.

This dog has come from a shelter. Was he abandoned? Was he lost and picked up? Part of a puppy mill? We do not know. He is frightened, shy and confused.

Dear husband says “Let’s see him”. We go out to the back yard for our dogs to sniff, watch and follow the newbie.

“Well that’s a cutie” He says this about all of them. He also names every dog under ten pounds “Tinkerbell”. It’s easier than remembering the 20 names of our previous foster dogs. We will, of course, keep the dog for his fostering; we will not let him think that he is alone in this world.

Little dog figures out where the kitchen is very quickly. House breaking did not come quite so quickly. This is part of the deal. This too shall pass.

Day two. Foster has spent the night on our bed, and seemed to like this part of his temporary home very much. He commandeers the pillow, leans into to both of us and falls asleep. Our two doggies are willing to put up with this. Do they know he needs a bit of kindness? Do other people sleep with three dogs on their bed?

Day three. Dog has been neutered, microchipped and vaccinated. He recuperates on our laps wrapped in a blanket. His picture and information are now posted on our website, and three adoption sites.

“Tinkerbell” has a lot of interest because he is little, friendly, and in a foster home being trained. This training is mostly learning how to cuddle on our lap and watch TV. Additional training is walking with two other dogs on a leash. Teaching the use of the doggy door was easy; our dogs show him how.

Day 8. An adopter calls. Wants to see little Tinkerbell.

Now comes the hard part. Will the adopter be worthy of this dog? Will they care about this critter the way we do? Anxiety and happiness collide.

Adoption day. I leave with the dog in my arms as my husband wishes Tinkerbell good luck in his new life. Will our dogs miss the foster dog? We know we will. The extra dog bowl is put away.

The new owner receives a harness, lead, bed, food and all the toys that Tinkerbell loves. They fill out a three page form, pay their adoption fee, and the dog is theirs. I cry, kiss the dog on his little head leaving a lipstick imprint. The imprint he leaves on my heart is permanent.

Two weeks later we have an event, and Tinkerbell (renamed “Lucky”. They are ALL renamed Lucky) arrives. I rush over to see “my baby”. The dog is in his new owner’s arms. He barely acknowledges my existence. He is madly in love with his new owner. My heart soars and pings at the same time.

This is fostering.

And it is worth every minute of love and care for every single shelter animal. This process is repeated by every foster for every dog and cat until they all find homes.

Fostering is love. It’s making a difference and doing what you can where you are. It is the gift of life and future.

And we are proud and happy to be part of it.



Every day that I am alive I owe to you, my dear human friend. The day you brought me into your life was the best day of my life… or so I thought.

Each day has gotten better and better. We have had our disagreements about what should be done inside and what needs to be taken outside. I may not have agreed with you but it is the hand that feeds me rule!

Rescued dogs are the best. It seems they remember that you saved them, and are forever grateful, eager to please, and never want to be without their new forever family.

Lynne Lockwood

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