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Whiskers and Purrs is a division within Loving All Animals (LAA) that specializes in the specific needs for the welfare of kittens and cats. Our mission is to reduce the number of unwanted cats and kittens thereby reducing the number of cats and kittens euthanized every year. Here are some of the issues we think are important...


  • Spay/Neuter:  Our #1 goal with LAA is to reduce the number of unwanted cats/kittens born every six months. Our program is designed to participate with other rescues, shelters and community events to control the over population and reduce the number of cats euthanized every year.
  • Fosters:  Fosters are the lifeblood of LAA. As always, we are looking for volunteers who can share a small portion of their home to help socialize cute and cuddly kittens and cats until they can be adopted into their "forever" home. We offer training, supplies and advice as needed. If your area "cat person" please ask how you can help.
  • Adoption/Re-homing:  We are not a shelter, but working together with other organizations in the Coachella Valley to find that "purrfect" home is a priority. This is an ongoing goal and with your help, we can achieve the results. We participate in adoption events, ads on Facebook, e-mail blasts, Petfinders, and of course, LAA Super Pet Adoption Festival held each year. It is here over 250 animals - both dogs and cats - find their permanent homes. But, we can't "adopt our way" out of this glaring issue.
  • TNR (Trap, Neuter, Return):  Community (feral) cats are necessary ecologically, but they can multiply and become a nuisance if not fixed. In cooperation with Animal Action League and other local rescue groups, LAA participates in spay/neuter clinics where many cats are trapped, fixed (for FREE) and released back to their community to continue to do their job by reducing vermin, and keeping other feral cats away, thereby reducing the population once again.

Another Way to Help!

All of these services cost and we raise funds by holding rummage sales two or three times a year. We welcome donations of furnishings, household items, and of course, cash. 

If you would like to donate please click on the donate button above.  For the dates and locations of your next rummage sale please visit our events calendar.  We provide a tax-deductible receipt for your convenience. For more information contact Mary Ewing, Whiskers and Purrs Director, by calling (760) 834-7014.



Rescued dogs are the best. It seems they remember that you saved them, and are forever grateful, eager to please, and never want to be without their new forever family.

Lynne Lockwood

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44635 San Rafael 

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