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The foster system alleviates the crowded open admissions local shelter and brings the companionship of needy animals to loving homes. Our program takes homeless animals from shelters/streets and places them in loving temporary homes. In these “foster” homes, the animals are nurtured until a permanent home is found for them. Our ability to rescue animals is directly related to the number of fosters we have available. Loving All Animals covers all necessary expenses related to fostering.   

What is Seniors Offering Shelter (S.O.S)?

S.O.S. is part of Loving All Animals Foster Parent Program. It is a vital link to creating a No Kill Coachella Valley. Through our efforts we can reduce the number of animals that are homeless in our valley. This unique, collaborative program facilitates fostering pets from shelters and sanctuaries throughout the Coachella Valley to our senior citizens. We visit senior citizen centers and recruit senior citizens in our community to foster young and senior animals. All of them love the companionship of a pet and experience a sense of pride and purpose in providing temporary care to needy pets, saving their lives

Why Do We Need Foster Parents?

  • Shelters have limited space - You can provide a temporary, safe and nurturing home for a dog or cat until we find them their forever home.
  • Expands the walls of our shelters - Putting an animal into a foster home allows for another animal in need to enter the shelter.
  • An animal may have special needs such as:
    • Being too young to be adopted
    • Needs a quiet place to recover after surgery
    • Needs to learn how to be part of a loving family

How Do You Benefit As A Foster Parent?

  • You will be surrounded by the love and gratitude of the foster pet
  • You will receive invitations to training sessions, social activities and events which will help find your foster pet a forever family
  • You will make new friends who share the wonderful experience of fostering to save lives

 Health Benefits of Having a Companion Foster Animal Include:

  • Heart attack survivors who have pets have longer survival rates than those without pets
  • Pet owners experience wellbeing and happiness due to increased levels of brain chemicals dopamine and serotonin
  • Pets act as "Social Catalysts" and are conversation starters among strangers and lead to greater contact with others
  • Dog owners are 34% more likely to fit in 150 minutes of walking per week than non dog owners


Rescued dogs are the best. It seems they remember that you saved them, and are forever grateful, eager to please, and never want to be without their new forever family.

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