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How Dogs Help Kids Read and Succeed in the Classroom

“How Dogs Help Kids Read and Succeed in the Classroom” is an innovative, ten-week classroom program that satisfies 18 Common Core State Standards in language arts. This program helps children become stronger, more motivated readers while learning safety around dogs and compassion for all animals. Each child is given a stuffed dog to name and “foster” at school, which they then get to “adopt” and take home after the final “I’m Doggone Awesome Reading Celebration and Adoption Ceremony.”

With the financial assistance of Loving All Animals, this program is currently running in 20 classrooms in Palm Springs Unified School District and is being piloted in one classroom in Desert Sands Unified School District. This program is impacting 520 children and their families this year alone! To learn more about this program and to contact Dr. Lori directly to discuss how you can support its implementation in schools, please go to


Tools for Teachers and Students

This program offers teachers:

  1. Fun, effective, and creative strategies to help children improve in and enjoy reading.
  2. Valuable skills for how to help kids be sage around dogs and understand dogs’ unique needs.
  3. Engaging and creative methods to nurture confidence, compassion and empathy in children.

This program offers children:

  1. Unique and effective strategies to dramatically improve their reading skills
  2. Innovative ways to positively transform children’s attitudes about reading.
  3. Powerful lessons to positively transform children’s relationships (both with dogs and with people) through increased empathy and self-esteem.

Focus of Lessons

There are 10 core lessons in How Dogs Help Kids Read and Succeed In the Classroom, each with related “Bone-Work” assignments that children do at home to reinforce the skills they learn at school.  The 10 core lessons focus on teaching children, through the use of high-quality, engaging children’s literature, 7 essential reading and language arts skills and 7 important success principles. These lessons are designed to teach children to:

Reading/English Language Arts Skills:

  1. Develop word analysis skills in decoding words both in isolation and in text (phonics and word recognition). Describe key ideas and details from text read aloud and from other media (key ideas & details).
  2. Recount a story or experience using appropriate facts and details (comprehension and collaboration).
  3. Activate background knowledge related to information and events in a text (range of reading and level of complexity).
  4. Read with accuracy and fluency (fluency).
  5. Participate in collaborative conversations and follow agreed-upon rules for discussions, and give and follow three- and four-step oral directions (comprehension and collaboration).
  6. Plan and deliver a narrative presentation that recounts an experience and includes a logical sequence (presentation of knowledge and ideas).

Success Principles:

  1. Develop empathy and compassion yourself, for others, and for animals
  2. Nurture self confidence
  3. Be responsible for your actions
  4. Take action towards your goals
  5. Ask for and respect feedback when learning
  6. Chart your successes
  7. Celebrate your accomplishments


About Dr. Lori

Dr. Lori taught elementary school for ten years in Canada, in Japan, and in Hong Kong, and taught pre-service teachers at the University of Lethbridge before completing her PhD in Education at the University of Alberta. She was awarded a SSHRC (Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada) Doctoral Fellowship, the Isaak Walton Killam Memorial Scholarship, the University of Alberta Doctoral Prize of Distinction, and the University of Alberta Ph.D. Recruitment Scholarship for her doctoral research which explored how one class of grade 2 children experienced an animal-assisted literacy program. In 2011, Lori was inducted into the Golden Key International Honor Society in recognition of her outstanding academic achievement and excellence. Dr. Lori has designed an innovative program based on her doctoral research called How Dogs Help Kids Read and Succeed In the Classroom which is currently being taught in California schools, where Dr. Lori currently resides. To learn more about her work, visit Dr. Lori’s website at




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