Loving All Animals is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization. Federal Tax Id. 26·3841119


Our Mission is to join with other local and national Animal Welfare Organizations to maximize programs intended to stop the killing of adoptable animals.


E-Adopt Network
Pet Participation at Community Events
Fundraising for local Animal Welfare Groups
Foster Network


Loving All Animals makes every effort to participate in the many other non-profit organizations operating in our beautiful desert. Often we bring adoptable animals to these events in hopes that the exposure will find them their new family.  It is not at all unusual to find a Pet Pal with adoptable dog in tow, walking the streets of El Paseo, Village Fest in Palm Springs or the Art Show in La Quinta.

When possible Loving All Animals will embrace the opportunity to organize a community event for the benefit of animals, as was the case in the mass spay/neuter weekend at the Duroville Trailer Park.  With the assistance of seventy volunteers, the Humane Society of the United States, PetSmart Charities, Animal Samaritans, Save A Pet and several local veterinarians and their staff over 200 dogs were altered at no cost to the owners.



Through our email networking, we receive and send photos, descriptions and
details of animals that are available for adoption. Thousands of dogs, cats, birds, horses, rabbits and other pets have found loving homes through networking other animal lovers allowing you to be part of the solution to pet homelessness and receive notice of fun activities and valuable animal related information. Be a “Pet Pal” - you won’t be sorry!


In an effort to financially support the work we do, we are constantly looking for fundraising opportunities including our annual Golf Tournament.  Often, we are fortunate to be named as a beneficiary in the profits of events organized and promoted by others.  We love it when that happens.






Loving All Animals supports many Coachella Valley animal welfare organizations. For low-cost spay/neutering clinics and services, please contact:

Animal Action League and Coachella Animal Network (C.A.N.) organize monthly low cost pet clinics in the Coachella Valley area.  They typically offer to sterilize pets, vaccinations, and microchipping. They also invite the Riverside County Department of Animal Services to help citizens license and correct citation at our clinics.  Reach them at or by calling 760-366-1100.

Animal Samaritans offers spay and neuter services at their Thousand Palms location.  For more information, see or call 760-343-3477 x3.

Palm Springs Animal Shelter offers "Fix-A-Friend" Spay & Neuter Clinics, a low cost/no cost spay neuter clinic open to the entire Coachella Valley. Spaying and neutering your pet is the most effective way to control pet over population and reduce the amount of pets entering the shelter.  For more information, see or call for an appointment at 760-416-5718.

The Animal Hospital of Desert Hot Springs offers affordable spay and neutering. Contact them at or by calling 760-251-1400.


The foster system alleviates the crowded open admissions local shelter and brings the companionship of needy animals to loving homes. Our program takes homeless animals from shelters/streets and places them in loving temporary homes. In these “foster” homes, the animals are nurtured until a permanent home is found for them. Our ability to rescue animals is directly related to the number of fosters we have available. Loving All Animals covers all necessary expenses related to fostering.   

Whiskers and Purrs is a division within Loving All Animals (LAA) that specializes in the specific needs for the welfare of kittens and cats. Our mission is to reduce the number of unwanted cats and kittens thereby reducing the number of cats and kittens euthanized every year. Here are some of the issues we think are important...

Our Angels in Fur Coats program finds and trains dogs in "pet therapy" so they can bring love, joy, and comfort to patients in nursing homes. 

Lindi's vision of working together with all of the Coachella Valley Animal Welfare Groups is what excited me about joining Loving All Animals. The feeling of coming to the office every day knowing that we are doing everything we can to help animals find their forever homes is amazing. We are a family, and we have fun, and it shows throughout all of our programs.

Saleen Rowan

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