About Us

About Loving All Animals

Our Mission
Our mission is to join other local and national Animal Welfare Organizations to maximize programs intended to stop the killing of adoptable animals.

Founded in December 2008, Loving All Animals, Inc., is a 501(C)(3) rescue group. We proudly participate in the “No Kill Coachella Valley” movement. We place dogs and cats in foster homes, then groom, vet visit, and ready the animals for forever homes.

From a home in the shelter-to the shelter of your home.


Our Core Services Include:
Whiskers & Purrs
Whiskers and Purrs specializes in the welfare of kittens and cats.

Trap, Neuter & Return (TRN)
Community (feral) cats are necessary ecologically, but they can multiply and become a nuisance if not fixed. In cooperation with veterinarians and local rescue groups, Loving All Animals participates in reduced rate or free spay/neuter clinics. Through this program, the cats are trapped, fixed and released back to their community to continue to continue to humanely live out their lives.

Fostering Network (Seniors of all ages offering Shelter)
Fostering an adoptable pet for Loving All Animals offers the fun of having a pet without the responsibility of ownership. Each fosterer receives pet food, a bed, leash and harness. They are invited to be a part of her adoption, training and humane educational events. Our fosterers tell us it is among the most rewarding things they do.

Networking and Social Media
Through our network and social media, we receive and send details of animals that are available for adoption which include photos and descriptions. Around the world, animals have found loving homes through networking with other animal lovers and agencies. Our network allows you to be a part of the solution to homeless pets. You will also receive notice of fun activities and valuable animal related information.

Our annual fundraising events provide awareness and education to the public regarding the needs of our community’s animals. Some of our events include golf tournaments, dinners and fun activities throughout the year.

Educational Events
Loving All Animals makes every effort to participate in the many events offered by other nonprofit organizations in our beautiful desert. We often bring adoptable animals to these events to educate the public on shelter rescue, adoption possibilities, humane care and treatment of animals, and emergency preparedness for pets.

Board of Directors
List of the organization’s Board of Directors:


Michael Phipps-Russell – President

Eileen Eske – Treasurer

Barbara Rogers – Secretary


Michele DeMille, CPA

Simone Gratton

Donna Kauble

Sheila Kiner

Silver Martin

Rod Murphy

John Nocita

Dennis Pearce


Lindi Biggi